Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop Black

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This Mini Archbishop has a Black G-10 handle and backspacer.

The Archbishop is one of the most iconic Ferrum Forge designs, and now it's available in a much smaller package. The Mini Archbishop is very compact, but it's design is the same as it's bigger brother. The forward finger choil allows the handle proportions to be the same while ensuring a secure, full hand grip.



  • Overall Length: 16.19 cm
  • Blade Length: 6.98 cm
  • Blade Thickness: 3 mm
  • Blade Material: Nitro V
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Stonewash
  • Parallel Import: No

Customer Reviews

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I think I got a dud - Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop

From the reviews I read and saw, I think I got a dud.
Knife wasn’t sharp out the box at all. After an inspection I noticed uneven grinds. There were totally different grinds on each side of the blade. There was also a fair amount of blade play.
I had to reprofile the knife so that the bevels matched and after some work I got it sharp to where I wanted it to be. The bonus here was that I got to work with Nitro-V for the first time, it’s a pleasure to work with. Time will tell how well it holds an edge, but is far so good.
I disassembled the knife to give it a clean and to try and sort the blade play out and found that the factory gorilla had tightened the pivot screw so it took some convincing to get out - hairdryers and decent bits for the win here (I was expecting red Loctite here but there was none). After cleaning and reassembling I was left with two options - 1) Have no blade play and a terrible, stiff action or, 2) Live with slight blade play and have a fairly decent action. I chose option 2.
I do believe that I got the 1 in however many 1000’s that slipped through the QC net as everything I read and watched before the purchase never mentioned any of these issues. I also own another Ferrum Forge where the QC was spot on and the knife was razor sharp out of the box. Hence the 1 in 1000’s thing.
The knife itself, as a small EDC, is pretty much perfect for the lighter tasks it was designed for. It’s light It disappears in a pocket and the clip makes it ride low. The Nitro-V takes a good edge and is easy to sharpen. Because of it’s size, I’m also using it to teach my 8 year old daughter knife safety and basic skills.
The Mini Archbishop, working perfectly out of the box, and well sharpened, would definitely deserve more stars but I have to deduct some for the work I had to put in to a brand new knife out of the box.
Ordering and delivery from The Knife Guy was painless and excellent as usual.

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