Fixed Blade Knives

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Showing 1 - 24 of 338 products
GiantMouse Natural Micarta PVD GMF3P-Nat-PVDGiantMouse Natural Micarta PVD GMF3P-Nat-PVD
Cold Steel Razor Tek FX65RZRCold Steel Razor Tek FX65RZR
Cold Steel Razor Tek FX5RZRCold Steel Razor Tek FX5RZR
Cold Steel Razor Tek FX4RZRCold Steel Razor Tek FX4RZR
KA-BAR John EK  Commando EK44KA-BAR John EK  Commando EK44
KA-BAR JOHN EK Commando EK51KA-BAR JOHN EK Commando EK51
KA-BAR JOHN EK Commando EK50KA-BAR JOHN EK Commando EK50
KA-BAR USA Fighting Knife TAN 5013KA-BAR USA Fighting Knife TAN 5013
Protech SBR LG511-OrangeProtech SBR LG511-Orange
Civivi Tamashii C19046-4Civivi Tamashii C19046-4
Civiviv Tamashii C19046-3Civiviv Tamashii C19046-3
Cold Steel Recon Tanto 35AMCold Steel Recon Tanto 35AM
Becker Reinhardt Kukri BK21Becker Reinhardt Kukri BK21
Acta Non Verba P500 500-006Acta Non Verba P500 500-006
Kizer Baby 1044C2Kizer Baby 1044C2
Kizer Kizer Baby 1044C2 Reviews
Sale priceR 1,000.00
In stock
FOX Kukri 658FOX Kukri 658
FOX Knives FOX Kukri 658 Reviews
Sale priceR 1,949.00
In stock
FOX Machio II 680T
FOX Extreme Kukri FX-9CMO4 BTFOX Extreme Kukri FX-9CMO4 BT
FOX Bushman FX-609ODFOX Bushman FX-609OD
FOX Machio 683FOX Machio 683
FOX Knives FOX Machio 683 Reviews
Sale priceR 1,795.00
In stock
CRKT Williams HZ6 2927CRKT Williams HZ6 2927
Civivi Kepler C2109CCivivi Kepler C2109C
civivi Civivi Kepler C2109C Reviews
Sale priceR 1,695.00
Sold out

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