Lynch Para 3 Cerakote Deep Carry Clip Right Hand

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Spyderco Para3 Deep Carry Titanium Clip

This clip was designed specifically for Spyderco’s Para3 model (if you carry it tip-up), and is left hand and right hand specific.  It’s a bit different from the standard short clip - because it is asymmetrical, it leaves the lanyard hole exposed (the LynchNW SpyderCo standard short clip will work, but covers up roughly 25% of the lanyard hole). 

The right-handed version is for users who carry in their right hand pocket, tip up, blade back; or in the left-hand pocket, tip up, blade front.  The exact opposite is true for the left handed clips.

They are made here in Washington state from domestic 6AL-4V titanium, and are hand-formed and finished.

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