Lynch Chris Reeve 2 Machined Deep Carry Ti Clip

Sale priceR 1,595.00


This clip was designed to complement specific Chris Reeve pocket knives (listed below).

They are made here in the Pacific Northwest, fully CNC machined using domestic billet 6AL-4V titanium.

Each clip is hand finished to closely match the standard Chris Reeve scale finish.

The Chris Reeve OEM clips that come with their knives can occasionally be challenging to remove. 

Product Dimensions: 5.08 cm long

Model Compatibility:

CRK-2 Model:

  • Small Sebenza 21

  • Small Sebenza 31

The CRK-1 and CRK-2 clips are identical, save the small ‘tab’ on the back of the clip that fits into the clip pocket on the CRK scale. The small Sebenza 21 and small Sebenza 31 use a slightly smaller clip pocket than the other models in the line, so the CRK-2 clip has a tab machined to fit that pocket. All other dimensions between the two versions are the same.

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