KME Sharpenining Systems Diamond Lapping films and tempered soda lime glass blank 9 micron - 1,800 grit

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Product Description

What you will receive - 5 x 9 Micron Lapping films and one tempered glass blank in a double sided vinyl sleeve that keeps the unused films clean and separate from the glass blank.

These diamond lapping films are excellent for refining your edges to an incredible level of both sharpness and polish.

KME diamond lapping films are an economical way to achieve true mirror polishes on your bevels or to just take your blades sharpness to the next level.

Instructions: We strongly advise working with only one film grit and glass blank at a time because the colors of some grits are very similar and can be easily confused. 1) Remove plastic from back of the strip to expose adhesive. 2) Secure strip to the glass blank. Be careful to align the strip fairly straight on the glass blank. Before use, the strip can be removed and repositioned if necessary. Use a hair dryer briefly to loosen the adhesive prior to removing a worn strip.

Use only downward, away from the edge strokes just like stropping. Upward, into the edge strokes can cut the films.

Use Zero muscle pressure. Literally, just the weight of the stone holder and glass blank. Each self-adhesive strip will service about 5-7 knives but we’ve gotten over 10 blades by going very lightly with them. Adding pressure will significantly shorten the service life of each strip though.

We’ve found that a lightweight oil is hands down, the best lubricant to use on these diamond films. You can even use vegetable oil if you like. We offer a small dropper bottle of honing oil that is perfect for use with them.
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