KME Self-Aligning Broadhead And Replacement Blade Sharpener

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The self-aligning adjustable angle broadhead and replacement blade sharpener is guaranteed to produce the sharpest, most precision ground edges you have ever seen on most tells. It measures 4" overall with extruded and machined aluminium frame and jaws. Features a rotational clamp and two pairs of quick change jaws. Automatically rotates to perfectly align the edge of the blade with the surface of the sharpening stone every time. Hardened steel roller and bolt. Will sharpen conventional two blade broadheads, all bleeder blades and virtually all replacement blades; even mechanical blades. Works with any benchstone: arkansas stone, diamond stone, india stone and water stone. Also includes a 14 gauge stainless steel wrench. 

Note: No Stones included with this item.

Great for:

  • Conventional Two Blade Broadheads
  • Virtually All replacement Blades
  • All Bleeder Blades
  • Even Mechanical Blades
  • Made in the USA
  • Parallel Import: No

Customer Reviews

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KME Self-Aligning Broadhead And Replacement Blade Sharpener

Andre Van Wyk
Great sharpner

Bought this sharpner to sharpen my 300gr VPA double bevel broadheads for an upcomming big5 hunt. Got them shaving sharp with a whetstone and a little effort.

Sharpner also works great on replacement mechanical blades. Sharpend old Rage and Sevr blades to shaving sharpnes with no problem.

Just note that to initially pop out the jaws is difficult and very tight. Suggest you press it against the floor and not the table as it WILL damage wood.

Worth it for any serious bowhunter

Guido Graziani
KME, a must have tool

This tool is a must have if you are trying to sharpen broad heads, makes it so much easier and they really come sharp and with perfect alignment. This is a great buy. Two thumbs up!

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