GiantMouse Grand Green Micarta

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The ACE Grand is our EDC friendly version of the popular GM5.

With the GM5 we set out to create what we felt would be a “magnum opus” - the ultimate GiantMouse folder to date. A cool design with an even cooler look and finish. The GM5 was the kind of folder that we feel checks all boxes;
  • Awesome materials
  • Great ergonomics
  • Perfect fit and finish
  • Great steel
  • Carries nicely
  • Bold appearance
While the ACE Grand still checks every box on the list, we changed a couple of things. We went for a nice American made Canvas Micarta for the rounded scales, and went with nested liners and a strong liner lock.
We did keep the large stout backspacer (in titanium) for strength but added a nice deep carry wire pocket clip, for a nice comfortable carry.

The Elmax steel blade was designed to be perfect for all-around use, and we kept it exactly like it was in the GM5. A high Saber Flat Grind makes it a strong but very effective slicer, and the pronounced swedge provides a fine point for penetration without losing strength at the tip


  • Blade Steel:  Uddeholm Elmax SuperClean. Stonewashed finish. 
  • Handle:  Green Canvas Micarta 
  • Backspacer:  Titanium
  • Pivot Mechanism:  Ball bearings. 
  • Locking Mechanism:  Liner lock.
  • Blade Length:  8.1 cm - measured from tip to forward-most aspect of frame.
  • Blade Thickness:  4mm
  • Handle Length:  11.4 cm
  • Overall Length:  20 cm
  • Parallel Import: No

Customer Reviews

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Raymond Van Niekerk
A knife that appeals to emotion.

Italian made knives are often like Italian cars - you love them despite flaws. Or perhaps because of them. The Grand by Giant Mouse could have a better lock-up, but that’s where the criticism stops. Great and good looking blade, lovely curves, big enough 4 finger grip micarta scales, deep carry clip that does what it’s meant too - a great EDC. This knife is getting a lot of carry time, displacing favourites like Spartan and the Ummumzaan.

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