GiantMouse Clyde Natural Micarta

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Meet Clyde... 

More "folk" than "lore."
More "urban" than "legend."
More "goofus" than "gallant."

Maybe it's our fault that Clyde turned out the way he did. After all, we did name him after our favorite watering hole in Portland, “The Clyde Common," located at the ACE Hotel in Pearl district. And we did create him as a mix of Scandinavia meets Japan and flirts with the Persians - no good lovechild could come from that….or could it? Well, we surely think so!

Clyde has a slim, pointy and slightly upswept blade in Elmax steel (or “El Max,” as Clyde claims it is pronounced, being that it's named after a semi-famous Lucha libre wrestler from the ´70s). The handle looks smaller than it feels, just like Clyde claims in other matters, and the ergonomics of the knife may surprise you given its simple lines.

We think that Clyde is the perfect EDC knife, and, if you haven’t noticed yet, it has a ton of attitude that will set it apart!


  • Blade Steel:  Elmax. Stonewash finish.
  • Handle:  Natural canvas micarta.
  • Clip: Wire.
  • Pivot Mechanism:  Bronze washers.
  • Locking Mechanism:  Liner lock.
  • Blade Length:  7.7 cm - measured from tip to forward-most aspect of frame
  • Blade Thickness:  3 mm
  • Handle Length:  10 cm
  • Overall Length:  17.7 cm
  • Weight:  70.9g
  • Parallel Import: No

Manufactured to exacting quality standards in Maniago, Italy

Customer Reviews

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Sidong Liu
Interesting, Delicate and Overpriced

It's a very delicate and gentlemanly looking knife which you would like to carry when you go smart casual on Friday. Needs some lube to improve the factory action, and some practice to flick open due to the angle of the handle. The jimping on the blade spine does not help with the grip - probably for decoration only.

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