Cold Steel Recon Scout 37RS

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In almost every respect, the Recon Scout is simply a 7.5-inch Trail Master Bowie. It offers the same heat treatment, blade thickness, blade shape, and handle - but now with CPM-3V tool steel.

Unlike other combat knives, the Recon Scout's broad clip point is highly resistant to bending or breaking. It's ideal for long-range cutting and slashing. Additionally, the blade is equipped with a slightly concave false edge that measures approximately 3.5" long.

Like the Trail Master, the Recon Scout has a slight curve along the entire length of the blade. This curve allows the blade to be used in a draw cut as well as a chopping stroke. Plus, the extra curve near the tip provides plenty of "belly" for emergency field dressing and skinning.


  • Blade Length:19.05 cm
  • Blade Thickness: 7.9 mm
  • Overall Length: 31.75 cm
  • Handle Length: 12.7 cm
  • Steel: CPM-3V High Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Kray-Ex
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex
  • Made in Italy
  • Parallel Import: Yes

Customer Reviews

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One of the few CS models that nails it

Lovely, shortened version of the original Trailmaster. I'm a sucker for this shape, and while I normally think that Cold Steel is a bit over the top, the Trailmaster and this are perfect. Good steel, great handle, lovely design and balance. Much more agile than it first looks, probably because of the size, though it still has the Cold Steel "chunk of steel" feeling. No idea how it holds up to abuse because there hasn't been a chance yet, but I have a Trailmaster in the same line that's been beaten up for years and came through fine, so I expect the same. You'll almost not want to use it hard, it's so pretty, even though you can happily abuse it. You get a sheath, that everyone and their granny will try to convince you is "tactical" but which is cost saving. People like kydex. I don't know why. It's not an issue.

There's a rumour that Fallkniven stole this design for the Modern Bowie and Northern Lights knives. But I own those, and the truth is that all knives in this style look the same. (Fallknivens are distinguished by their extraordinary handling, weight, and balance, amongst other things.) Missed getting 5 stars because, despite all the goodness, it's still Cold Steel and has the characteristic Cold Steel "chunk of steel" feeling, though the shortness of this blade compared to the Trailmaster makes that less evident in the hand.

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