Cold Steel Drop Forged Bowie 36MK

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This addition to the Drop Forged line of knives has a total length of 14.125 inches and features a 9.5 inch blade. It shares many of the same attributes of the other knives in the series, including the same robust construction, being forged as a single piece of steel, giving it a startling amount of strength. But, unlike the other Drop Forged knives, it has distinctive faux stag slabs incorporated into the handle. The blade is flat ground to a moderately thin edge and is then honed to razor sharpness. The point of the blade is acute enough to offer deep penetration, and the balance point is just in front of the guard making it lively in the hand and only slightly blade heavy. Like the other knives in the Drop Forged Series, it comes with a military-grade Secure-Ex sheath that includes a detachable Cordura belt loop.


  • Blade Length: 24.13 cm
  • Blade Thickness: 5.0 mm
  • Handle: 11.74 cm
  • Overall: 35.87 cm
  • Handle Material: Faux Stag
  • Steel: 52100 High Carbon Steel
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Parallel Import: Yes

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Everitt
Cold Steel Drop Forged Bowie 36MK

A razor sharp blade including the point. I have medium hands and there is 2.5cm of handle free while I'm gripping it. Handle is extremely comfortable as is, but you can use grip tape if you're expecting blood. Some 550 paracord is good to make sure it doesn't come loose while working with it. Have yet to use it practically but despite the blade length, you can carry this IMO. I have the CS Drop Forged Push knife too. The quality of both is 5 star. In a defensive situation where no firearm is involved, they're going to have a problem coming up against this Bowie or the Push knife. Fairly light in hand but definitely doesn't feel cheap. Will not affect your wrists negatively while training with it.

Richard Keet
What a knife

I was recommended to buy the knife by my knife defence instructor but when I enquired at the dealer I was told they will not be importing them again. While scrolling "cold stell" I stumbled upon the Knife Guy, saw the knife (at a much lower price) and immediately ordered it. I received the knife a few days later. Very happy with purchase. The Bowie 36MK becomes an extension of your arm and fills you with confidence.

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