Spyderco Zipper pouch large C12C

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Just the thing for storing collectible, expensive and easily scratched knives is Spyderco's padded zipper carrying pouch.

17.78 cm x 7.62 cm, the pouch holds a folded pocket knife up to 15.24cm in closed length. Made of black mock-leather, it's embellished with a gold SpyderBug. All perimeter seams are tightly sewn and edged with a vinyl sizing strip for added security. Inside is plush foam padding with non-scratching black nylon liner. The zipper runs the full length of the pouch for easy access and added security.
  • Dimensions: 17.78 cm x 7.62 cm
  • Material: Black mock leather
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Made from Mock leather
  • Features the Spyderco™ Bug Logo on the front
  • Non-scratch pile-plush lining protects your favorite knives
  • Parallel Import: Yes