Lionsteel Opera G10 8800BK

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The Opera is a classic folding knife with a pump blade-locking system, which functions like a lockback. The blade is in D2 steel with a flattened sharp edge and satin finish. It is available in two sizes, both are equipped with a pocket carry clip.

The new Opera model presents itself in a more tactical guise compared with the previous versions. The blade is still D2 tool steel while the handles are made from textured G10. Compared with the original version, the blade has been fitted with a pin style thumb stud that allows single-handed opening.
  • Blade Length: 7.4 cm
  • Blade Steel: D2 Tool Steel
  • Overall Length: 17.7 cm
  • Handle Material: Textured G10, Black
  • Locking Mechanism: Pump Lock
  • Made in Maniago Italy
  • Parallel Import: No