Kershaw Inverse 1397X

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As an entry in the experimental Project ATOM series, the Inverse is a Kershaw like no other. This fixed blade has a blunt edge and no blade steel. It’s made with a strong polyphenylene sulfide plastic (PPS) and glass fiber combo material. The mini-sized fixed blade is fun to show off to friends and easy to carry. At an ultralightweight of 0.4 ounces, the Inverse is almost unnoticeable when it’s not being used. In a last resort emergency, the sharp tip can be used as a self-defense mechanism. An attractive steel overlay adds an extra layer of detail to this new, exciting knife from Kershaw.

  • An experimental Project ATOM knife; a convenient piece that’s also a great conversation starter
  • Ultralightweight fixed blade; mini-sized design features a spear-point blade
  • Knife is made of strong polyphenylene sulfide plastic (PPS) and glass fiber; stronger than standard glass-filled nylon
  • Blunt edge and no blade steel; last resort pointed tip for self-defense


  • Blade Length 6.6 cm
  • Blade Material Polyphenylene
  • Blade Thickness 5 mm
  • Handle Material Polypropylene
  • Handle Thickness 5.3 mm
  • Overall Length 13.3 cm
  • Weight 11.3 g
  • No sheath or pocket clip
  • Made in China

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