JE Made Slipjoint Black Stonewash S35VN Carbon Fiber

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JE Made Knives offers a classic, clip point profile slip joint folder with a modern flare. Excellent fit and finish this knife has the walk and talk along with premium modern materials like CPM S35VN blade steel and titanium liners and bolsters. Looking for a knife that reminds you of simpler times while providing contemporary performance. Look no further than the JE Made Clip Point Slipjoint.

The Blade:  is made from premium CPM S35VN stainless with a tumbled black finish and false edge. The pattern is a traditional clip point design and thanks to the false edge it has a fine tip that excels at detail work. A rugged tumbled finish is given to the black coated blade for a low-profile look that helps to hide wear as well. The hollow ground cutting edge delivers razor-like slicing performance while S35VN offers optimal edge retention and corrosion resistance for every day use. A generous "Nail Nick" cutout allows for opening of the blade for both left and right handed users. The knife has a solid half stop and is flush in all positions.

The Handle: The handles offer rugged, black stonewash finished Titanium bolsters with integral titanium liners with contoured Carbon Fiber scales. A large Torx pivot and two Torx screws secure the handles together with a beefy, stainless steel back spring for secure and snappy operation. All hardware and back spring have matching tumbled black finish. A large hole is provided for lanyard attachment.

About CPM S35VN:  was designed to offer improved toughness over CPM S30V. It is also easier to machine and polish than CPM S30V. The inclusion of Niobium allows for the formation of niobium carbides along with vanadium and chromium carbides. Substituting niobium carbides for some of the vanadium carbides makes CPM S35VN about 15-20% tougher than CPM S30V without any loss of wear resistance. CPM S35VN’s improved toughness gives it better resistance to edge chipping.


  • Overall Length: 17.78 cm
  • Blade Length: 7.62 cm
  • Blade Material: CPM-S35VN Powder Steel
  • Closed Length: 10.16 cm
  • Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Bolster: Titanium (Integral)
  • Liners: Titanium
  • Handmade in China 2018
  • Parallel Import: No