Buck Paklite Elite 135SSSVP2-B

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The PakLite Elite includes a lightweight 135 PakLite caper and 136 PakLite boning knife constructed of S30V steel in a convenient compact sheath. Both knives were designed to make the task of harvesting convenient and hassle-free. The boning knife’s durable, narrow blade is perfect for maintaining control in tasks such as deboning and skinning while the caper’s modified blade allows for precise, detailed work, with ultimate control. The minimalist design makes the entire set lightweight and easy to carry. The PakLite Elite is an essential piece to any hunter’s gear.


  • The PakLite Elite combines their PakLite Boning and Caping knife.
  • Blade Steel (Boning Knife): 13.33 cm (Caping Blade): 6.35 cm
  • Blade Steel (Boning Knife): S30V (Caping Blade): S30V
  • Handle Material (Boning Knife): S30V (Caping Knife): S30V steel
  • Sheath Material: Heavy duty nylon and polypropylene
  • Removable and dishwasher safe sheath insert
  • Made in USA
  • Parallel Import: No