Pohl Force Alpha Four Outdoor 1059

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The Alpha series knives are highly popular among police and military special forces units. The Alpha Four Outdoor is simple to use even under high stress situations. The design is well suited whether right or left handed and sits comfortably in the hand also when wearing gloves. The knife comes with a reversible carry clip which sits firmly but comfortably in the pants pocket.The Alpha series knives can be very simply disassembled by inserting a flat head screwdriver or penny into the handle screws.

The new Alpha Four Outdoor designed by Dietmar Pohl has taken the well proven Alpha design concept and further improved and optimized in a great many details. Among the most important changes made are the Liner Lock, the handle scale contouring and use of CTS-BD1 from US Steel manufacturer Carpenter. A woven ParaCord lanyard with decorative skull bead makes removing the knife from the holster or pocket easier.

  • Specifications
  • Overall length: 22.98 cm
  • Blade length: 11.17 cm 
  • Blade thickness: 4.9 mm
  • Blade steel: CTS-BD1
  • Handle material: 3.98 mm thick handle scales made from glass fiber reinforced Zytel®
  • Liner: 1.77 mm thick stainless steel liners
  • Locking system: Liner Lock©
  • Clip: Steel
  • Parallel Import: NO